Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Korea 2009 - Part 1 (photos)

We had some seafood kimchi soup with octopus!! Huge chewy octopus!!

Seulgi's Uncle & aunty's house yesterday for dinner (23.06.09)


Train railway across the largest river in Korea (Han River)

The 'Digital Town' = many Low Yat Plaza

Yongsan = Digital City

Ship Restaurant - Shabu-Shabu & Buffett

Seul gi's Parents

The inside part of the bbq restaurant


Wasn't aware when this was taken

'Crook crook' tummy grumbling...

Self-grilled Unagi
2kg Unagi = Approximately RM200 CHEAP!!


Outdoor Grill Restaurant

Incheon City
Old Aunty Still flexible
Watch Area
Incheon City View

Butt Firming Exercise

Adushi looking at Mr Squirrel who is looking back at him

Fresh water from the mountain is link directly by a pipe line and the red pail is used to drink the water..I used a bottle to refill of course.. 1 mineral water costs 800Won = around Rm2.70

our new handphone...LG

Korean Traditional Clothing..'Hanbok'

The Living area
The kitchen and dining area

The living room
Shop lots are all similar as to this photo
All are either Hyundai or Kia... lols... Daewoo too.. Daewoo is actually kown to us as Chevrolet.. due to some company share, when Daewoon cars are exported out, they must go by the name of Chevrolett..

Part 2 will be continued....